Message: Advice for Moving to Next Size Plug

kitti3-prizeWhat’s your beat advice for moving up to the next size plug? I can’t seem to get past the widest part but the smaller one slides in easily. This is for Serious anal training. I can already take cock without much prep. The widest part is 2.3 inches

Keep trying, sometimes a new toy can take a while to get in for the first time. Try getting it in, push up to the edge of discomfort (but not into pain) and hold there a moment, then back off and try again. In between every few cycles of that, switch to the smaller plug (or different toy if you have something between both sizes) and slide it in and out a few times, then go back to the bigger one. Repeat as needed. You’ll get there eventually, but don’t push it too fast. If it doesn’t seem like you’ll get it in today, for example, don’t force it, put in your smaller plug again and try again tomorrow.

Good luck and enjoy your new toys!

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