Message: Anal Hurts Her

Anonymous: I have a question, my girlfriend and i are now together nearly one and a half years, we tried anal but it hurts her even if sie relaxes, are we doing something wrong? I would love to live anal only, but i love her more and i think she would love it too even if she doesnt know until now Sorry for Bad english

If it hurts, she’s not warmed up or trained enough for the size. Start smaller, and gradually increase the size until it begins to be come uncomfortable, then back off and train at a size slightly smaller for a while before increasing again and continuing to tease the edge of what is uncomfortable. Repeating this process over a period of time and gradually increasing the size will increase the size she can comfortably fit. She should also be playing with her clit regularly during this training process and regularly masturbating to orgasm with something in her ass.

Early training can be done with fingers—it’s easy to add an additional finger to increase the size a little bit. Once she can comfortably fit three or four fingers, get a butt plug or two, and/or some dildos of various sizes starting at about the size she can already fit. Incorporate these into other play and sex regularly. Don’t try actual anal sex until she can easily work up to the size of your penis without it hurting. Warm up before every session, starting smaller and working up in size to her current maximum.

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