Message: Can We Go Anal Only?

Anonymous: I really like anal sex but it makes me sore after so we don’t do it very often. The idea of being anal only really appeals to me though, and I’d like to try. Is there a way we can do it without me getting so sore?

Anal is one of those things, kind of like exercise in general, where doing it more often and on a more consistent schedule will help you to enjoy it without becoming sore in the same way. Ease into it: start once a week for a few weeks, then twice a week, and increasing frequency over the course of several months until you can do it as often as you like. At that point, it’s easy to make the transition to anal only!

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One response to “Message: Can We Go Anal Only?”

  1. Luvmywifesass says:

    Completely agree. That’s why I always recommended couples commit to a month of anal only, having anal sex at least three times a week. By the end of this period, she should be comfortable having anal sex as often as they want, just as long as they continue to have anal sex several times a week.

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