Message: Want to Try Anal Only April, But We Do Anal Infrequently

Anonymous: We want to go anal only for April but anal is something we only do a few times a month. We really love it and want to do it more but it’s always been hard to do it more often without me getting sore or it starting to hurt the next time. Any advice?

Great question! I think this is something that a lot of people struggle with—they enjoy anal a lot and want to do it more often, or even try going anal only as in your case, but they find it hard to do often enough to establish a routine.

If you’re sore or in pain after or during anal, you probably didn’t warm up enough before and did too much before you were ready. Try to really focus on making anal play and masturbation part of your regular routine, starting with smaller things like fingers or small toys and then working up with bigger toys closer in size to your partner’s penis. Start wearing a butt plug regularly—not necessarily all day, every day, but at least for a period of time most days as you’re able to, as well as in advance of having anal sex. This can really help relax, train and warm up your ass for sex.

In addition to keeping up a routine of anal training in periods between having sex and warmup before sex, the other thing that obviously helps is to start doing anal more often. Find a starting frequency that works for you, maintain it for a week, then try to add another day into the frequency the following week, and repeat from there. If you find it easy, you can increase the frequency faster, if you find it hard, go a little slower, but see how it goes for you and adjust as needed.

I would suggest going ahead with Anal Only April, starting with anal sex one or two times a week and focusing on oral and other non-vaginal sex in between, as well as having anal play sessions even at times you aren’t ready for anal sex again but are ready for some other anal play. For your first time, I’d suggest not having anal the very first day of the challenge but building up to it over the next week with lots of anal play and training so you’re much more relaxed and warmed up for it, then the following week you might be ready for sex two or three times throughout the week, and continuing to build up from there as you listen to your body and figure out what you’re ready for as the month progresses.

By the end of the month, you should be enjoying frequent anal without discomfort.

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