Message: Condom Broke, He Wants to Go Anal Only

Jess: I always wanted to be anal only and today the opportunity finally came. I had sex with a guy but the condom broke and now we’re both paranoid about it. Now he wants to have only anal sex. But how will I transition to anal this fast??? Please, help.

Sounds like a great opportunity to get what you want, but be honest with him. Tell him you will need a little time to adjust to it at first, and go more slowly the first few weeks, gradually increasing how often you have sex. Wear a butt plug regularly when you aren’t having sex.

You may have to start out only doing it two or three days a week, and can do oral on days that you can’t do anal, and then every few weeks, increase it by another day a week, until you can do it as often as you like. Just listen to your body. If you’re getting sore, take it a little slower. If everything is fine, gradually go a bit more often.

Good luck, and keep us updated on how it goes!

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  1. Great advice. Safe, natural, birth control is one of the major benefits of anal sex. Here are a couple of forum posts regarding the topic:

    As well, several studies have linked semen exposure to a number if benefits, like a feeling of well being, etc. Here is one of several posts in the forums regarding this:

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