The Benefits of Overnight Plug Wear

I’ve long recommended the use of butt plugs to aid in the anal training process, and they really are one of the best ways to practice, train and warm up before sex.

Many people, however, are uncomfortable with the idea of wearing them all day at work or in public, or have a job or lifestyle that makes it difficult to do so. Fortunately, there’s a great option anyone can enjoy to make long term plug wear possible and to enjoy the benefits!

Putting in a plug before you go to bed and wearing it overnight can give you many hours of passive anal training each day without interfering with your daily life and routine.

Overnight plug wear passively trains your ass

When you’re wearing a plug during the day, it can be very stimulating and for a lot of people that’s part of the appeal, but it can also be distracting and interfere with other parts of daily life for some people.

By wearing a plug overnight instead, it’s more of a passively pleasant feeling. It can be distracting for some people at first, but with a little practice, it provides an easy 6 to 8 hours per day of anal training where you don’t need to do anything but slip your plug in and go to sleep. Keep up that routine, and you’ll be having anal sex regularly and easily!

Better relaxation and sleep can result from overnight plug wear

Once you get past the newness of having your ass plugged while you sleep, it’s common to wake up feeling more refreshed and relaxed than before and getting better sleep. This may seem counterintuitive to those who are just starting and feel overstimulated with the plug in and may even find it hard to get to sleep the first time or two, but once you get comfortable with it in, it becomes very relaxing!

This pairs nicely with the natural relaxation of the body that most people experience when sleeping, and as their anal muscles relax along with that, it helps the plug hold them open comfortably and train them into becoming more elastic and easy to stretch open for sex and more active forms of masturbation.

Overnight plug wear is one of the easiest ways to establish an anal routine

One of the most important things for enjoying anal long term or becoming anal only is establishing a consistent routine so that your ass stays warmed up and ready for sex rather than waiting long amounts of time between sex or masturbation each time and needing to start over to open yourself back up and getting sore every time.

As you get a little more experienced with wearing a plug to bed, start doing it every night, and you’ll have your very own routine to stay warmed up and limber and ready for sex or masturbation as often as you want.

Ease into overnight plug wear

If you’re new to long term butt plug wear, you may not immediately be able to wear a plug all night long the first time you try it. Put it in, go to sleep, and see how it goes. If it gets uncomfortable sometime in the night, take it out and see if it needs more lube added. If it stays uncomfortable, leave it out the rest of the night and try again the next night. After a few nights of this, you should notice that you can wear it for longer amounts of time.

Similarly, you may find that certain types of plugs are more comfortable than others for overnight wear. High quality silicone, metal and glass tend to be the best. Cheaper silicone and other soft materials that need water-based lube can often dry out overnight and need more lube. But try it for yourself and see how it goes!

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3 responses to “The Benefits of Overnight Plug Wear”

  1. My wife sleeps plugged at least three times a week. At least once a week, while plugged, she wakes up during the night wanting to have anal sex, even if we’ve already had anal that evening. Recently, we traveled to visit family. The sleeping situation wasn’t conducive to her wearing her plug (shared room). She didn’t wear her plug for a week. She commented how she felt a tension in her body, even though we were still sneaking anal sex in the shower (and the woods one time). She realized wearing her plug at night several times a week was actually relaxing to her whole body. When we returned home, we had anal sex, then she inserted her stainless plug. The next morning she commented how much more relaxed she felt.

  2. Angelo Zago says:

    I wear my njoy plug too sleep almost ever night it also relaxes me when sleeping.

  3. FS says:

    I find it difficult to find the right plug, so I have tried many. It gets pretty expensive over time. That being said. Wearing a plug overnight I wake up refreshed and energized, usually before the alarm clock too. I love steel or glass but the soft severen plug is in close competition. The shaft thickness also comes into play because the thicker it is the more stimulating and the thinner is less distracting. Great article!

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