Message: Can I Wear My Buttplug Overnight?

Anonymous: I wore my butt plug to class for the first time today. Sitting there with it pushing against the seat while I tried to remain as attentive as possible made me sooo wet. I can’t wait to do it again. I’m thinking about wearing it in the shower and overnight tonight so I wake up a horny, dripping mess. Are there any problems with doing that? I’m fairly new to butt plugs.

Isn’t it so much fun to wear in public and feel your ass full and sensitive and occupying your attention?

There’s no problem with wearing a butt plug long term or overnight. If it starts to get really uncomfortable, you might take it out, but otherwise go for it. Sometimes, some people can’t go all the way overnight with one immediately and it can take a little practice, but try it and see how it goes!

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