Message: How to Start Anal Training With Butt Plugs

vampgurl86: So Friday I will be receiving my training plugs. I love anal and some how have not ever had a set. I was curious should I start out just masturbating with them or wearing them at night or all day.

It depends somewhat on what your goal is. Masturbating with them in is a good easy way to get started and get comfortable with them. If you want to use them as training plugs, also try wearing them at times outside of masturbation and see how long you can keep them in. If a smaller size poses no challenge, or stops posing a challenge after wearing it a while, go to the next size for training purposes and repeat until you reach the largest one. I would start doing this during the daytime and in controlled private situations, and ease into doing it overnight or during day to day activities in public once you know you’re comfortable with them long-term at home.

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