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Hi everyone, just want to share my experience and love of tail butt plugs. Specifically wolf and fox tails with metal plugs. It’s not so much for sexual pleasure (I’m single at the moment) but I like the look and feel of them. I saw them a couple of years ago and immediately just had to have one. I stopped using them after a couple of months and got rid of my collection because I somehow thought it’ not normal and I shouldn’t do this. Recently I just got the urge again and ordered another fox tail plug. I’ve been training my butt and am now quite comfortable wearing it long term. I want to try and wear my tail as often as possible and will not take it out while I’m at home. I’ve started to sleep with it in for the last couple of nights so let’s see how this is going☺The first night was a bit of a challenge as the plug wasn’t all that comfortable and it kept me up for most of the night. It didn’t hurt so I just adjusted myself and tried to relax. Last night was the second night and after wearing the plug for 2 days straight (exception of bath and toilet) it already was more comfortable. It’s just wonderful to wake up with my beautiful tail coming out of my ass. I have not touched my vagina in about 3 months as I want to only use my ass and plug it all the time with my tail. Does anyone else use tail butt plugs on the regular?

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  1. Mona says:

    I’m using buttplug 24/7 for about one year right now.
    My best advice is to not forgetting to get a break and rest.

    The best way is to separate 24h on day and night.

    Just do the scheme:

    I started to wear small one for 12h:

    12h(night) – plug-in, 12h(day) – rest

    after few days:

    12h(night) – plug-in, 12h(day) – plug-in, 12h(night) – rest

    after few weeks:

    48h – plug-in, 12h – rest


    NOTICE that will be the time that small buttplug will slip out, especialy at night when youre relaxed. Than you should buy a bigger one – than start again from begining with bigger size.

    Insted of watching movie try to replace buttplug with dildo play 🙂

    I’m wearing now 6cm wide for a week befor rest 🙂

    Good Luck!

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