Message: Tips To Try Anal For the First Time

Anonymous: I’m a virgin in both senses and I’ve tried to masturbate using my vag but I never can reach orgasm even when playing with my clit. How ever doing anal really excites me is there any tips of how to start trying anal?

With anal you’ll want to use some sort of lubrication, whether saliva, vaginal juices, or actual commercial sexual lubricant of some sort. (There are many options out there, and it’s very much personal preference as for which is “best”.)

Start slowly, with a finger, and just massage gently around and across the outside at first. When you feel yourself relax and maybe even start to open up slightly, gently press your finger into your ass and let it slide in slowly, then gradually in and out. Explore from there and adjust your pace depending on your comfort. If something hurts, slow down or back off. Add another finger as you feel comfortable and ready to do so.

From there, once you’ve gotten 3 or so fingers in and can comfortably masturbate with them, you might look into toys like butt plugs and dildos for your ass.

Just remember: lube, start slowly, and if something hurts, you’re trying to go too big or too fast and need to work up to that point from something smaller and slower first.

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