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blog-69Hey how do u get a girl into anal ?

Talk to her. Say you would like to explore anal pleasure with her, but at a pace that she’s comfortable and focusing on her enjoyment of it. Read about anal training and how to enjoy anal sex together. Start by rimming her. Then rub her asshole gently without pushing inside while also stimulating her via whatever her preferred method is. Regularly combine a bit of anal stimulation with her favorite way to masturbate and cum.

Slowly start inserting a lubricated finger. Make her orgasm while you finger her ass. Get her a butt plug and have her wear it during other sexual activities. Work up in size to small dildos. Keep having her cum during anal play regularly.

When she can take a dildo around the size of your penis, and she’s ready, only then try actually having anal sex. Find a position that works for the two of you and keeps her in control of movement at first and let her slowly penetrate herself onto you. If it hurts, stop. Wait. Relax. Resume when it doesn’t hurt anymore. Repeat as necessary. Once you’re all the way in, stay there a moment, then when she’s ready she can start moving. Always pause if it hurts and let her get used to it.

But she has to want it too to get to that point. Start slow and make it about her enjoyment.

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