Message: Want To Go Anal Only, But Never Had Anything In My Ass

Anonymous: How do I go anal only when I’ve never had anything inside my ass before? I’m scared to try anal but at the same time I’m so obsessed with it

Start by putting something in your ass. Don’t start with a dick, work up to that. Put some lube on your finger and gently rub your asshole without slipping it inside, just see how nice it feels to rub the outside. When you feel like you’re ready and you really want your finger inside you, gently slide it in and start fingering yourself. If you’re careful and go slowly at first, it shouldn’t hurt. If it does, slide it back out and go back to massaging the outside again for a few minutes before trying again. Over time, you’ll want and be ready for two fingers, then three.

From there you can go to toys, plugs, and eventually dicks.

Good luck exploring anal and going anal only. You’re going to love it.

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