Message: Time To Give It Up

So I’m a vaginal virgin and I have decided it’s time to give up my clit and be completely done with my pussy I love using a dildo and watching in a mirror seeing my closed pussy and the dildo going in and out but back to the subject I need some help and encouragement to give up my clit I have tried Orajel but it didn’t numb it and I can only make it like a week with out my clit but then I use it and feel guilty and ashamed I used it any ideas?

Feeling guilty and ashamed after clitoral stimulation is a fairly natural response for a lot of women, and is one of the unfortunate side effects of clitoral stimulation and orgasm. It’s not universally the case for everyone, but it’s really common. Going fully anal only and focusing only on anal pleasure is a great way to be able to enjoy sex and pleasure (and maybe even orgasm from anal) without those effects, which leads to increased arousal and better sex.

If you’ve been heavily dependent on clitoral stimulation in the past, it can be a process to get to the point of losing that urge and reliance going forward. A week is a good start. Next time try to go longer than a week. Each time you give in and touch your clit, try going even longer the next time, and over time you’ll continue to build up your self control and resistance to such urges. It’s the same as breaking any other bad habit.

Tools like Orajel, superglue, and clit shields can be helpful if they work for you, but they aren’t strictly necessary. If Orajel specifically isn’t working, you can try either applying a larger amount and seeing if that has any effect, or look at similar brands and comparing the active ingredients—different ones use different topical anesthetics, and some may work better for you than others. Another simple option is just putting tape over your pussy when you masturbate or have sex to keep yourself from touching yourself there.

And finally, I think it’s great that you’ve decided to go anal only and maintain your vaginal virginity, that’s a continually growing trend that I really encourage. One day we’re going to have an anal only generation, and women like yourself are the first step towards that.

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