Message: Boyfriend Did Vaginal Just To Please Me, But Hates It, Part 4

Hi, it’s the girl you tagged 20180705 again. Nearly one month after my latest ask, I thought it was time to give you some feedback. We’re still anal only, my boyfriend is very happy, and he’s getting me more involved into the lifestyle: he gifted me some backless panties and a jewel butt plug to wear, and sometimes he talks about us getting tattoos. Our sex life really changed: before it was mostly routine with mediocre length, now it’s much more frequent and either longer or much shorter.

Actually, he does a lot of quickies now, which he never did before: mostly before we have to go outside or before friends come over, he directly fucks my ass with both of us barely undressed and little foreplay, then plugs me. It doesn’t affect the frequency of longer sessions, so I don’t mind and it actually turns me on. In fact, my view on sex has changed completely: before, it was just something that happened once in a while, and I otherwise didn’t think about it all that much.

Now, I’m sort of obsessed with it. Wearing very often the butt plug and backless panties play a role, of course, but sex is always on my mind anyway. It probably changes how I behave and dress: at work or with friends, I get a lot of “you’re very sexy today” that I didn’t get before. I guess it’s all related to the fact I just can’t cum anally yet: at every intercourse, I feel I’m very very close, but it just never happens. The strangest thing is, I’m not frustrated any more, I’m sort of hooked.

It’s like I’m flooded with hormones that make me horny, and I became addicted to the sensation itself. It’s weird and I don’t know if I make myself clear. I thought a lot about what you said, that there’s nothing wrong with submission so long as it’s my choice, and that acting like my boyfriend wants me to act “retrains” my brain and what I enjoy, to eventually cause pleasure and a refocus on other areas.

You’re basically one of the only persons I talk to about this, since I wanted my boyfriend to be 100% comfortable with it and think I was 100% OK with being anal only, without any doubt. My gay friend talked about what I said to him to his husband, who apparently talked about it to my boyfriend: we spent an evening at their place, and to my surprise the subject naturally came during conversation, and was talked about all evening in embarrassing details.

I was sort of mortified (and my friend too, since we’re both the “receivers”), but my boyfriend seemed to really love openly talking about it, and it was sort of fun and instructive. I admit it also turned me on to some extent.

I guess my main problem is the sensation of losing control, and not knowing where this is all heading. I don’t know if I can keep up with not orgasming at all, but I really dislike the idea of using clitoris stimulation in his presence, and I don’t want to come in secret.

Thanks for the update! It sounds like you’ve really settled into the anal only lifestyle very well as well as successfully incorporated clitoral and orgasm denial into your personal routine.

While it can certainly be a challenge at first for most people to start orgasm denial, because orgasms are a very powerful addiction, it’s not at all uncommon for people to discover with time just how much they enjoy an ongoing state of arousal and its associated pleasures far more than the short burst of pleasure from an orgasm.

That said, there’s nothing wrong with orgasms either for those who enjoy and want them, and with more time you may discover the ability to orgasm from anal as well.

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