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Anonymous: I’ve been training my ass for a while now and yesterday I took up a larger toy and i got so horny because i arrived to this level while a couple months ago I couldn’t even put my finger. I’m trying to go anal only and havent touched my pussy for a week and doing anal play only and it’s dripping wet i can feel the wetness on my thighs all day long, sometimes I add clothespins on my labia for more exquisite torture, do you have a task for me to extend AO training ? Ps : i love your blog

First of all, congratulations on moving to a larger toy and on trying to go anal only! Obviously, I encourage and approve of such things, and hope that you continue to stick with anal only long-term!

It sounds like you’re trying to go anal only on your own, rather than with a partner. There’s nothing at all wrong with that, and when it comes to initial anal training I actually often suggest exploring it on your own first so you get to know about it on your own terms and in the future can go into it with less uncertainty and more confidence when you try it with a partner. For some people, it can also be more challenging, because with the anal only aspect, you don’t have any accountability except to yourself, and it can feel easier to give up when it gets hard, which in turn can feel like a failure if you “give in” to old urges.

But if that happens, you shouldn’t see it as a failure, you should see it as a natural part of the process of switching your urges to anal instead of vaginal. It doesn’t happen overnight if you already very much enjoy and have primarily stimulated yourself vaginally or clitorally until now. Definitely keep trying to push your limits and go as long as you can, but if you can’t take it anymore and end up masturbating vaginally or clitorally again, just dive back in after and try again. Each time around see if you can go longer than the time before!

To answer your question more directly, however, what I generally recommend for people struggling with going anal only in their solo play and wanting to avoid touching their pussy is: Any time you feel the urge to touch your pussy, rub and finger or use a toy in your ass instead. The hornier you get, the more enthusiastically you play with your ass. Take all that arousal coming from your pussy and clit and redirect it to your ass. In time, that arousal will start naturally shifting to your ass instead. If your clit is a big distraction to you and makes it too hard to resist, try some anesthetic cream like Orajel on your clit to numb it temporarily while you masturbate.

And finally, if you find that the clitoral denial aspect of anal only is too much for you, always remember that you can be anal only without giving up your clit. Most anal only women only engage in anal penetration during masturbation and sex but still combine clitoral stimulation with anal as needed. Some edge clitorally, some orgasm clitorally. Others get all they need from their ass. Experiment with all the options, but ultimately what’s best for you is something that you’ll need to figure out for yourself.


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