Message: Plugs Make Me Want To Poop

Anonymous: First of, I love anal! I’m in the process if trying to make my hole bigger by wearing plugs regularly but everytime I put on a plug it makes me wanna go poop. Even if I have just poop!!! Please help.

Does this happen immediately after you put a plug in, or does it start after a little bit of time has passed? It’s not uncommon when first getting into long-term plug wear that it can start to be uncomfortable after a short bit of time at first, and you have to gradually ease into it, wearing it as long as you can comfortably do so, taking out, and trying again later to go longer. Over time, it will become a lot more comfortable.

However, it could be one of several other factors as well, especially if you can already enjoy anal sex without experiencing that sensation. Certain materials can either cause a reaction or have a certain texture that can give a feeling like needing to poop. Steel and glass are often the best at not doing that, as well as high quality silicone. Certain lubes could cause this as well.

Finally, you could try rubbing your clit while it’s in and see if the sensation goes away. Again, it may not be as big of a factor for you if you love anal already, but people just starting with anal stimulation often experience such sensations and need to “re-train” themselves a little bit to interpret anal stimulation as a source of sexual pleasure rather than just a sensation of needing to go to the bathroom, and so combining anal with other things you may find enjoyable like clit play can be an effective technique.

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