Message: I Pretty Much Always Have Poop In My Rectum

Anonymous: Kinda tmi and idk if this is the right blog to ask but you give really good advice and I really like anal. I cant do it often tho because I pretty much always have poop in my rectum, like permanently when you stick a finger in and idk if thats normal or not. I only poop like once a week and need to fully enema before every time I have sex anally. I sometimes have to just do vaginal because its too much trouble but I much rather prefer anal.:/

Not a problem, I’m always happy to offer anal advice, and it’s anal sex, so questions and discussion about poop are kind of to be expected!

I’m not a doctor, and you might talk to one if you find this to be a problematic situation for yourself, but I can offer suggestions to try. Generally, most people’s rectums stay empty except right before going to the bathroom when they get that urge to go. That feeling is poop leaving the colon and entering the rectum.

Where this can sometimes not be the case is with a diet that isn’t quite balanced right, doesn’t have enough fiber, etc. This can lead to poop that the body has a harder time managing and processing and moving along. So you might look at your diet and see if it could be a factor. Read through this recent thread on the forum and see if anything might be appropriate for you. Definitely avoid adding fiber too rapidly, though, you want to increase it more gradually.

Exercise can be a factor as well sometimes, it helps keep you more regular if you’re exercising daily.

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