Message: Managing the Poop Problem

Anonymous: How can you manage the poop problem when doing anal, besides using enemas? I wanna try anal but the presence of poop, even if it’s just smell, scares me

With a balanced diet containing a healthy amount of fiber, most people’s rectum—which is where the vast majority of anal play and sex takes place—is going to be empty except right before you go to the bathroom. There is always the possibility of trace amounts of feces, but even this can be minimized.

Using a dildo, or wearing a butt plug for 15 or 20 minutes before having sex as part of your preparation can provide you with an opportunity to check and confirm your cleanliness.

A small, quick anal douche with just enough water to flush out the rectum without continuing to the level of a full enema is used by some to ensure cleanliness, but is not necessarily required for most.

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