Message: Love My Plug, Want More

Anonymous: Absolutely love wearing my plug, I just want someone to fuck me in the ass so we can start ignoring my pussy

You can start by ignoring your pussy on your own and have fun being anal only in your solo play. This is a good way to start getting into the anal only mindset even if you don’t have a partner interested in it yet. Instead of masturbating vaginally, do everything anally—either wearing a plug, fingering your ass, or using a dildo. If you need clitoral stimulation to enjoy anal, feel free to incorporate that as well, but only when something is in your ass at the same time. If you’d like to explore the idea of being anal only without clitoral stimulation, give that a try, but don’t feel obligated to exclude all clitoral stimulation unless that appeals to you or works best.

As far as getting someone to fuck you in the ass—once you feel ready, try asking. You’ll find plenty of guys will be eager to do so.

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