Message: Advice on Fissures, Bowels & Plugs

intersexboi: Dear Sir, I’am an intersexed boy slave and am currently training to be an anal slut to please my Master. But I’m having some issues and hope You could help. 1) I am extremely sensitive so I need lots of lube to not get fissures. Will that get better? 2) My bowels are easily triggered, will that get better as well? 3) I’ve read your exquisit advice on wearing a plug daily, how long would you recommend wearing it for starters? Thanks in advance for Your time & effort, Sir!

If you are experiencing fissures from anal play or sex, you’re doing too much too quickly. Stick with smaller, gentler play and the use of semi-small plugs for now until you can do so regularly with no pain or injury, and gradually work up in size from that point, incrementally increasing the size and again sticking at that size until you can consistently play without injuring yourself, and repeat.

If by your bowels being triggered you mean you get an uncomfortable feeling of needing to go to the bathroom, that will often fade as you learn more to focus on anal pleasure points and distinguish between the need to poop vs. something being in your ass for sexual reasons. If you mean it’s triggering an actual need to poop, then you should clean yourself out more before sex and play (or else have gone too deep with an enema and sped things along). If your digestive habits are fairly consistent and reliable, you can generally just get away with a small anal douche to flush out the rectum and nothing further. Going deeper into the colon requires a lot more work, and a partial job will just make more of a mess than doing nothing at all. Wearing a butt plug for a while before play/sex can also help speed anything along in advance if you’re on the edge of needing to poop.

The maximum time to wear a plug should always be for as long as you feel comfortable wearing it. If it starts to hurt or become uncomfortable, take it out and try again later. With practice, you’ll be able to comfortably wear one for longer.

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