Message: We Did Anal Only April, Now I Only Want to Masturbate Anally

Anonymous: I never commented about it here but my boyfriend follows you and convinced me to do Anal Only April, which we did successfully. I don’t know if I want to go completely anal only, but I am considering at least getting rid of my vaginal-specific sex toys like my rabbit vibe and trying to only masturbate anally from now on. Could you give me some motivation for that? Maybe some anal masturbation tips?

Thanks for the message! I know there are a lot more people who try out things like Anal Only April and No Pussy November than those who talk about them publicly online, and it’s always nice to hear from more people and whether they succeeded, failed, had a good time, struggled, etc.

Focusing on anal only masturbation going forward sounds like a great idea! It can really make anal something very personal and help you focus on developing it into your primary pleasure source. It’s something I really encourage to help get into the anal only mindset and pursue pure anal pleasure. It can also, for many, really increase arousal levels, but everyone’s different in this regard. So I definitely think you should do that!

As far as tips, do a lot of experimentation. Use your fingers. Rub around the outside lightly as a warmup until you feel yourself relax, slip inside, add fingers if you want a stretch, try spreading your fingers inside your ass, explore for spots that feel particularly good to focus on, etc. A good dildo to fuck yourself with and ride is great to have as well, and experiment with angles and depth there as well to find things that feel really good and keep focusing on them. If you find something that feels like it could make you cum, keep doing it and see where it takes you. And get a butt plug or two if you don’t have any, for passive stimulation/training.

Good luck! Keep enjoying anal and keep it fun! Always feel free to share or ask any other questions that may pop up.

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