Message: Plug Size Recommendations For Long Term Wear

slutty-sissy-slave-jessicaThank you for your answer to 24/7 plugging. Do you have a recommendation what size and length you should end up with for 24/7 plugging? What would you consider best if their is no problem concerning pain etc.

That really depends on your goals. If you just want it to be something in your ass and feel good, it would depend on your personal level of preference for size, and may be on the smaller side of things.

Something like an Njoy or jeweled plug (though the latter have a base shape that isn’t always comfortable for long-term wear) can be good for a small plug that doesn’t do much active “stretching” but just remains in place in your ass and does help a little bit with relaxation and warming up just by its presence even if its size isn’t as big a part of it.

If you want it to be more of a training plug as well as good for long-term comfort, something like the silicone Tantus Ryder, an Implicit Creations plug, or a glass plug with a thicker neck might be more appropriate.

If you like to continue pushing your limits bigger and bigger while also being really comfortable long-term, a bigger Implicit Creations plug, a Tantus A-Bomb, or something from Square Peg Toys or elsewhere may be appropriate.

It can be hard to say where someone wants to “end up”—I would choose a plug that’s an appropriate size for where you are now, possibly pushing a little towards the larger end if you want to go bigger. In the future you may find yourself wanting something bigger, at which point you’d look again for an appropriate size from there.

Since everyone’s so different in this regard, I often recommend going to a local sex toy shop if you’ve got one available so you can look at the size and shape in person to make an appropriate judgement. I recommend sticking with only silicone, glass and steel toys, none of the cheaper materials—especially for plugs.

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