Message: Safe to Wear Plugs Full Time?

slutty-sissy-slave-jessicaIs it save to wear plugs with thin necks (like jewel plugs) full time 24/7?

Yes, absolutely. The only concern with long term plugging is that the base is wide enough that it doesn’t slip inside unintentionally and that it stays comfortable. If it starts to hurt, you might take a short break or figure out what’s causing the pain/discomfort, but otherwise feel free to plug as often as you like. It won’t hurt you as long as you listen to your body and adjust as needed.

Bigger plugs with thicker necks are fine to wear long-term as well as long as they’re comfortable. It won’t cause issues, even long-term. It will help relax and “stretch” your ass, but anal muscles default to a closed state, so even if it can stay open at a very large size with a plug, it will close back in its resting state when not plugged.

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