Message: How Do I Know When I’m Ready For a Bigger Butt Plug?

Anonymous: How will I know when I’m ready to get a bigger butt plug for extended wear? When I’m comfortable wearing the one I have for long periods of time? And how big can I go for long term wear without worrying about having to clench to keep it in?

Exactly, if the plug you have is comfortable and easy to wear long term, you might be ready to try going up in size to a bigger plug.

How big you can go is very dependent on your current level of ability and comfort and the general shape of the plug. It’s more the ratio between the widest and narrowest part rather than a maximum size that dictates long term comfort and retainability. There are people who use plugs over 3″ wide at the widest point and 2″ at the narrowest long term, and find that comfortable. So it really depends on a lot of factors.

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