Message: Butt Plug Pops Out

Anonymous: What does it mean when I’m laying with a plug in my ass that was seated all the way in, just pops out. I wasn’t doing anything wasn’t even masturbating. But it popping out is Really very annoying

It’s probably not the right size plug for you. You may have advanced in your anal training so you can relax your anal muscles more easily now and it’s too small for that now, or it might not be the ideal shape for your body. If the difference in size between the widest part inside you and the neck is too little, or if the neck is too short, it can have difficulty staying in place. It might be time to start looking for a new plug!

The original poster responded:

What do you mean shape for my body? Don’t plugs really only come in one shape?

Plugs come in many different shapes and sizes. Some have very thin necks and wide internal “bulbs”, some have thick necks and are more like dilators, some have very stubby “bulbs”, some are tapered, some are egg-shaped, etc. Some have short necks, some have long necks. Some have flat bases, some have T-shaped bases, some have loop bases. All these factors can contribute to a plug that is comfortable to one person but not another.

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