Message: Butt Plugs Hurt After A While

Anonymous: So I LOOOVE my buttplugs, and recently I got a set of metal jewel plugs. But my ass is quite bubbly and it (for lack of a better term) swallows the plugs, and hurts after a while. Would silicone ones hurt less, or should I just give up on the pretty ones and stick to the “trainer” ones?

It’s not uncommon for many of the jeweled ones to become uncomfortable after a while simply due to the shape of the base and the fact that the edges can press uncomfortably. Even if this happens, they still can have a place, and can be worn for certain times and occasions, but if you’re looking for a comfortable plug to wear for longer periods of time, I would really suggest something with more of an ergonomic base, whether that be a well-shaped T-base or something like an Njoy with a loop-style base.

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