Message: Butt Plugs For Long Term Wear

Anonymous: I’m looking into getting a butt plug for long term wear. What material would you recommend? I read one of your posts that suggested that it have a wider bulb and a narrow neck to the base, but that ones with jeweled bases (the most popular ones and the only ones I can seem to find online) aren’t particularly comfortable for long term use. What type of base would you recommend? Thanks for in advance, I can’t wait to train my ass for my boyfriend.

In many ways it can come down to a bit of personal preference and anatomical differences that vary from person to person, so it’s hard to give an answer that’s going to be suitable for everyone. Avoid materials other than silicone, steel and glass, though. A lot of lower grade materials can cause irritation or have toxic ingredients.

Silicone is softer and pliable and so some find it comfortable in that regard compared to having something totally rigid, but it can have a bit more friction so you notice it as lube dries out a bit more, depending on the surface finish of the silicone. Silicone toys can sometimes have issues with silicone lube, so are often limited to water-based and oil-based.

Steel and glass are rigid and smooth and often require less lube or can manage to stay comfortable longer as lube dries/gets absorbed. Some prefer the firmness of these materials, too.

Some possible options to consider are the Implicit Creations Core Plug (silicone, shaped for comfortable long term wear, multiple sizes), the Tantus Ryder (silicone, comfortably shaped, 1.5″ max diameter), and the nJoy line of plugs. T-shaped or loop bases are often going to be the most comfortable, and you want to avoid things with sharp edges. If you have a local sex toy store, I’d suggest going in and looking at some in person to get an idea of shape and size.

Finally, jeweled plugs can be very sexy and a lot of people like seeing them and wearing them, and even if they aren’t necessarily the best design for comfortable long term wear, they can be well worth having anyway to use in appropriate situations. And some do wear them fairly long term anyway.

Hope that helps some, and good luck and have fun with your anal training!

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