Message: Best Butt Plugs to Wear All Day

Anonymous: There are so many of them, but If you could name them, which are the 5 best butt plugs to wear all day?

Different plug shapes and sizes are ideal for different people, and different people have different abilities and needs, so making a “5 best” list for plugs that applies to everyone isn’t really possible. People can’t even agree on the best material for long term wear! Some prefer steel, some glass, some silicone. Some want something small and comfortable, others want something that still pushes their limits and stretches/trains their ass somewhat while they wear it.

I would suggest looking at the steel Njoy Pure plugs, silicone Tantus Ryder and A-Bomb (for a larger option), silicone Implicit Creations Core Plug, and some of the smaller Egg Plugs from Square Peg Toys.

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