Message: Will Jeweled Plugs Work For Anal Training?

quietsilentloveThanks so much, I didn’t know about the push while I insert something so that’s a new bit of info. Also will the jewel plugs work too I keep reading mix reviews on them about long term wear. Or should I stick with a softer material? Or should I just buy one of the kits that has the three different sizes? And do you have a favorite lube you prefer?

Jeweled plugs can look sexy but are often not comfortable for long term use. They also have a very narrow neck, generally, so once they’re inside they’re not doing much to stretch and relax the anus itself. Perfectly fine to have one as a sexy accent, but I wouldn’t use it as a primary training tool. Some of the training kits can be fine, but I find that using fingers to train instead is easier and then invest in a good mid-sized plug instead that you’ll want to keep using for a long time.

Lube is a bit of a personal preference. There are plenty of good water-based lubes, silicone lube can be great but cannot be used with silicone toys, and coconut oil is popular with a lot of people.

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