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kinkyflo: Hello again 🙂 Im getting annoying yet?? Since I’m really loving my plug and the feeling of having my ass full I wanna buy another one and since you are the expert I want to know if you could help me… I’ve seen the princess plugs all over tumblr and I do think they are beautiful but Im wondering which material is better stainless steel or glass? Specially for a long period of time. Thank you so much!

Questions and requests for advice are never, never annoying and always welcomed from everyone!

Both stainless steel and high quality glass can be good materials for plugs. Some people have a fear of glass breaking, but I haven’t ever heard of that being a problem with a properly constructed plug. Both are hard materials with no give to them, obviously, which is a different experience from something softer like silicone, but a lot of people love it. They’re both also quite slick and so can stay comfortable longer without needing to reapply lube as often, something other materials may not do as well.

The majority of jeweled plugs are going to be stainless steel, but there are some glass ones too. Due to their huge popularity, there are a lot of cheap and poorly made ones flooding the market lately, so shop around a bit. The cheaper ones may work fine, but be very careful to check for defects from the manufacturing process that may create a sharp edge or burr before wearing it.

Also consider that a jeweled plug may not be designed for long term comfort if you want to wear it for an extended period of time. That doesn’t mean they’re bad at all, and you can certainly wear them comfortably for quite a while, but you may want to consider a different and more ergonomic design if you’d like to start wearing plugs long term. If you enjoy plugs, no doubt you’ll end up with a collection of several different ones for different purposes!

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