Message: Cleaning Myself Faster, I Need Anal Daily!

Anonymous: I love anal so fucking much. Best orgasms ever, more like endless best orgasms ever. My boyfriend fucks my butt quite frequently. However it takes me a good hour to be totally cleaned out. It’s a huge hassle cuz I wanna get assfucked all the time. I give myself a mini enema, a non scented vaginal douche (i.e. a balloon and a nozzle). 16oz of water done multiple times within the hour and then clean. Any tips on how to clean myself out faster? SOS cuz I need anal at least once a day!!

If you have a healthy, balanced diet that contains a good amount of dietary fiber, that level of cleaning every day is probably unnecessary. Just use a small amount of warm water in a bulb and lightly flush out your rectum at most. When you use a large volume of water, you end up cleaning out a larger area than is necessary and in the process create a bigger mess that takes more time to clean. Only the rectum needs to be cleaned for most sex, and it’s generally already quite clean anyway. Many find they can just put in a plug a while before sex, take it out right before, go to the bathroom, and good to go. Add a mild rectal flush to that if you’re still concerned about residue.

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