Message: Cleaning Advice for Anal Sex

ricardoqg2014What do you advise as to the intimate cleaning before and after anal sex, for men and women?

Generally, if you have a good, high fiber diet, you should only need to go to the bathroom an hour or so before and you’ll be clean enough. The rectum usually doesn’t store feces except for right when you need to go to the bathroom, and most of the time with anal sex, the penis does not penetrate further than the rectum.

Some like to use an enema to flush out the rectum and clean out any remnants. If you do this, avoid using too much water at a time, as you generally don’t (unless you do a very deep, complete enema) want to get it beyond the rectum as that could loosen feces further up in the colon and cause a mess partway into your sex/play.

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