Message: Injecting Water In Her Ass

Anonymous: What happened if I enject water in her ass?

That’s called douching, or an enema. You can flush out the rectum, and beyond, with water, to clean it before other sex or anal play. Some people do enema play as its own form of stimulation because they enjoy it.

For cleaning before sex, you usually don’t want to use too much water, just enough to clean out the rectum only, repeated several times. If you get water deeper into the colon, it will often “activate” the colon and speed the movement of its contents, causing a bigger mess and requiring a longer period of repeated deeper enemas to flush everything out until the water consistently comes out clear.

Deep enemas are often recommended to not be done too frequently to avoid a loss of important intestinal flora that are part of the digestive process. A simple rectal flush, on the other hand, is fine to do.

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