Message: Properly Preparing for an Anal Only Lifestyle

Anonymous: Hey! My gilfriend and i have been enjoying anal sex occasionally for a couple of months now and we want to go anal only, my questions to you are the following! How do we properly prepare for an anal only lifestyle? How do we clean her asshole, how can we be able to have anal any time?! Thanks!

Wearing a butt plug for 30 minutes to an hour before having sex does wonders for both purposes, and wearing one more regularly throughout the day can also make it easy to have sex at any point just by removing it and you’re ready to go.

A balanced diet with a healthy amount of fiber will keep her naturally quite clean, and wearing a plug before sex will usually stimulate the digestive tract to help with any remaining cleaning out that might be necessary. A dildo in the shower before sex can be used to verify cleanliness, too.

Some will use a small anal douche to flush out the rectum, but you want to be careful to not go overboard with this as if water passes the rectum and goes deeper it can end up causing more of a mess.

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