Message: Wife Loves Anal but Can’t Orgasm, I Want to Stay Anal Only

zephyrrb: My wife loves anal sex but doesn’t orgasm, I don’t want to go back to vaginal but how do I get her to orgasm thru anal sex? Thx

Does she combine clitoral play with anal sex? Most women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm, at least without further practice/training. Some lucky women find themselves able to orgasm from anal alone, with zero clitoral stimulation, but in my experience at least that’s relatively uncommon.

Aside from that, here are a few (but not an exhaustive list of) things you can try to work towards a fully anal orgasm.

  1. Try having her go a few days or more (actual length of time can vary depending on how long it takes her to get extremely horny) without any orgasm to boost her level of arousal and make her more sensitive. Edging can help during this time as well to amplify and speed up the process. Then when she’s so horny she can barely take it anymore, have anal sex and see if she can manage to orgasm from it in that aroused state.
  2. Related to the previous, an edging session to get her aroused and sensitive, followed by anal sex with just a little bit of clitoral stimulation to try and get as close to the edge as she can and then letting go to try and let the anal carry her over the edge into orgasm. Repeated practice of this can lead to less and less clitoral stimulation needed, and may over time let her orgasm just from anal.
  3. Try having anal sex while she has a full bladder. This can make her both more sensitive and reposition things a bit inside to make anal penetration more likely to also stimulate her orgasm trigger points.

The original version of this post on Tumblr received this response:

masters-rabbit-hole: Also try to have her not touch her clit at all until she cums some other way. That’s how I’ve trained all the women I’ve been with throughout the years to cum via penetration. Latest success is my slave can now cum via anal penetration alone. She says they’re the largest orgasms she’s ever had. She also now has a hard time cuming with her Hitachi on her clit. To her brain that is not ‘sex’ anymore; penetration is.

I think the biggest reason some women can’t cum via penetration is they can’t keep their fingers off their clit. This can be the same for men if they jack off too much. The brain is trained, over years for most people, to only associate masturbation with sex. You have to retrain the brain. Takes months, from my experience 4 or more.

There’s been a Ted talk on this subject. It was slightly different, about the association of young men with ED and their masturbatory habits. They removed masturbation and it retrained their brain on ‘what is sex’ ‘what should evoke a sexual response.’

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