Message: What’s A Ruined Orgasm?

ecchibarbie: What’s a ruined orgasm?

A ruined orgasm is when you play with yourself right up to the edge of orgasm but instead of backing off as you would with edging, you let yourself go over the edge but immediately cease all touch. You orgasm, but it does not really reduce your arousal levels, and you don’t get the full strength pleasure of a normal orgasm (though there is usually pleasure involved). It’s often somewhat frustrating, but it can come to be satisfying in its own way, and it works quite well with being anal only in part because it doesn’t reduce your arousal levels and keeps you focused more on your ass and its sensations. It can for some also be a good way to train yourself to have anal orgasms, because you can learn how to increase the pleasure from your ruined orgasm through anal stimulation at the same time.

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