Message: Training Myself to Orgasm From Anal Only

867532788799869805I want to train myself to come through anal only. I’m happy with my clitoris, but coming from anal only sounds hot as fuck, and i’d like to see if i can do it. Right now penetration doesn’t give me enough pleasure to get there, though, but I was wondering if doing penetration *after* a long session of clitoral “edging” (keeping myself at the edge of orgasm) would make my clit, labia and surrounding area “tender” enough that anal would make me come. I don’t know if that counts as AO though…

That approach is certainly a possibility to try and train yourself, and I think it’s worth trying. It’s not really an anal only orgasm, but since the point is using it to learn to have an anal only orgasm, I think it fits within the general anal only lifestyle. It seems plausible that it might work.

For many, the approach they have to use to reach anal only orgasm is to abstain from clitoral and vaginal stimulation entirely and only have frequent anal sex. This can take months for some, but something about being really horny and being unable to get pleasure any other way can trigger the ability to cum from anal.

Now, you don’t have to jump straight in to cutting yourself off from all clitoral stimulation long term—it’s good to ease into these sorts of things and start small. Try going a week without playing with your clit and see what happens when you have anal. If you can’t go any longer without release, do a reset, otherwise go for another week, and so on. It can be frustrating and it can take time, but people have reported success with this approach.

Good luck!

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