Message: Enjoy Anal Better Than Vaginal, Worried About Doing It Too Much

toxic-puddin50Hi, female,25. So I’ve always enjoyed anal, like most people who’ve asked you questions, i find it feels better than vaginal. However, I worry about doing it TOO MUCH. As amazing as it is I don’t want to destroy my anus. Can you recomend any technique that might work other than moderation?? Thanks♡♡

As long as you take care of yourself, don’t ignore pain or minor injuries/bleeding and have them grow into something bigger as a result, and pace yourself and take breaks as needed if it starts hurting or getting unpleasantly sore, you can’t have too much anal, and it won’t cause harm to you.

The anus is very tough, and can handle daily sex. Muscles are strengthened through proper use, not weakened. Incontinence/prolapse and other scary sounding things as a result of anal sex are a myth. Enjoy it all you like!

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