Message: Her Virginity Pledge

When we met, my girlfriend (now my wife) was from a strict religious family.  She had never had sex of any sort and had just recently taken a virginity pledge at her church and wanted to remain a virgin until she was married.  We hit it off right away and in no time our hormonal urges were overwhelming.  Being young and so horny it was killing us to wait.  She masturbated me a lot.  Eventually she graduated to blowjobs.  Of course neither of these activities did anything to satisfy her desire for pleasure.  She or I would rub her clit while she was sucking my cock, but it just couldn’t get her off.

She’s actually the one that suggested anal sex.  This worked really well, as her Catholic upbringing didn’t allow for the use of birth control, including a condom.  We knew we needed to use lube and take it slow.  Our first time I used the only thing I could think of – Vaseline.  Doggy style just seemed like the easiest way to accomplish anal sex at the time, so that’s what we did.  We were both so horny, I blew my load on her ass just rubbing across her asshole.  She seemed really disappointed.  She knew that, as a teen, I would be ready again quickly though, so we just lay in bed rubbing each other until I was hard again.  This time, after just getting off, I was better able to control the urge to cum.  It must have taken us 10 minutes to slowly work my cock all the way into her ass, although it seemed like an eternity.  When we both realized my cock was buried all the way up her ass we just stayed like that for several minutes.  I could feel her ass tightening and relaxing around the base of my cock.  When she said she was ready I slowly began to work my cock back and forth in her ass.  Almost at once she started rubbing her clit like mad and pushing her ass back against me.  It was then that it happened, she let out a moan and I felt her ass pulse around my cock.  The thought that I had just brought her to her first orgasm and the fact that her ass was going wild on my cock brought me to orgasm.  It was the first time anyone had cum inside her.  We both collapsed forward on the bed, me on top of her, then rolled sideways with me spooning her.  My cock remained semi-hard in her ass as we lay there.  within 15 minutes we were at it again.  Again, she experienced an orgasm.

After this it was rare if we didn’t have anal sex at least once a day.  In the three years prior to our marriage, we never once had vaginal sex.  On our wedding night she couldn’t wait to try vaginal sex.  Although she was dripping wet, her reaction was almost immediate.  She said it felt really uncomfortable.  The look on her face made it clear she wasn’t enjoying it.  We continued this awkward exercise for several minutes, then she broke down crying.  She said she had wanted it to be special for our wedding night.  I told her it was alright and that we could try it again later.  As I moved my cock to her asshole, I felt it relax and willingly accept my cock as it had so many times before.  But this time it was different.  We were making anal love as husband and wife.  Within a few minutes her ass was pulsating in orgasmic bliss around my cock as I came deep inside her.  Then she was crying again.  She thought I would be disappointed our fist time making love as a married couple we had not been able to complete vaginal sex.  I assured her I thoroughly enjoyed anal sex and that it was alright.  I assured her we could try again later.  This seemed to calm her down.

For much of our first month of marriage the same scenario would repeat itself, including the crying  (talk about a wood killer).  Vaginal sex never became more enjoyable for either of us.  Eventually, during one of her crying fits, I told her I didn’t really care for the feeling of vaginal sex and I would prefer it if we just had anal sex.  She said she knew I was only saying that for her.  It took some convincing.  When she realized it was true she was overjoyed.  When she told me she had felt like a failure because she couldn’t please me with her vagina.  I told her I was only having vaginal sex for her because I thought it was what she wanted.  I told her I didn’t care if we ever had vaginal sex again and that she pleases me with her ass.  She immediately presented her ass for me and told me I needed to please her as well.

We’ve now been married nearly five years.  In the eight total years we’ve been together we’ve probably had anal sex several thousand times. Aside from the dozen or so times we tried vaginal sex the month after getting married, we’ve never had vaginal sex.  I’ve never cum in her vagina either.  Now we look back on her “virginity pledge” and have to laugh.  Since I’ve never cum in her vagina, I jokingly tell her she’s still a virgin.

I just wanted to thank you for educating people about the possibilities and tell you our story.  To any of your readers who are concerned about the long term effects of anal sex, we have continued to have anal sex almost every day for nearly eight years and she had had no issues whatsoever.

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