Message: No Diddle December already a success!

My wife and I have been married for seven and a half years.  We’ve had anal sex almost from the beginning of our sexual relationship and have been anal only for about four years now.  It wasn’t like it was our goal or anything, it just sort of happened that anal sex became more and more the focus of our lovemaking.  We kind of came to the realization together that we both preferred anal and decided vaginal sex held nothing for us.  It was actually my wife that stumbled upon your blog.  Until then we often wondered if there were other couples out there like us.

Since abandoning vaginal sex, my wife continued using a vibrator on her clit, but nothing in her vagina.  It really hadn’t bothered me much.  But, it seemed like it often interfered with our lovemaking.  Either it wouldn’t be positioned right, or it was difficult to perform certain positions with her having to keep the vibrator on her clit.   Some time ago I became intrigued by all the posts regarding no clit stimulation.  When I mentioned it to her several months ago she was resistant to the idea.  She didn’t seem to think she could have an orgasm without clit stimulation.

When someone mentioned the idea of “No Diddle December” at the Anal Only Lifestyle forum I decided to ask her again.  This time I asked if she would do it for the month of December as my Christmas present.  I told her that she only had to do it this month and that I would not ask her again if she still didn’t like it.  As I suspected, my wife said she didn’t think she could have an orgasm without stimulating her clit.  Thankfully she has a good attitude and agreed to try it with an open mind.

The first couple of times we had sex she was unable to get into it and let me finish.  She said it wasn’t unpleasant or anything, just that she couldn’t get turned on.  I was discouraged to say the least, as was she.  The next time we had sex she began to get turned on but was unable to orgasm.  She seemed really frustrated.  I told her she could use her vibe if she really wanted to because I didn’t want to see her frustrated like that.  To her credit she said she had agreed not to stimulate herself this month and was going to stick to it.  We went to bed right after.

A couple of hours later, I awoke to her sucking my cock.  She rarely wakes horny like that. As soon as I was hard, she sat on top of me cowgirl.  Within a minute she was grinding back and forth with my cock buried balls deep in her ass.  When this went on for several minutes I thought she would get frustrated, as she usually cums pretty quickly.  When I asked if she wanted her vibe she didn’t say a word but moved my hand not to her clit, but to her breasts.  When I did I felt her ass begin to contract and sort of pulsate like it does at orgasm.  When I looked up at her, her head was back and her eyes had sort of rolled back like she was in a trance.  She generally orgasms very quickly and is done.  As I had just had an orgasm a couple hours earlier, I wasn’t ready yet.  This was fortunate, as her trance like state continued for several minutes with her grinding back and forth on my cock and her ass pulsating until I couldn’t wait any longer.  As I began to cum, my wife, who is normally quiet during sex, began saying “Oh god, oh god, oh god.”  Then she let out a single load moan and passed out, falling backward on the bed with my cock still in her ass.  I could feel her ass continue to involuntarily pulsate as my cock began to soften.

I would have to guess my wife lay this way for nearly a minute before coming to.  When she did, all she could say was “Oh my god.  That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had. I think I passed out.”  When I asked her if she had rubbed her clit she said “No.  And let me tell you, if I can have an orgasm like this I may never touch my clit again.”

She had never experienced an orgasm like this before.  She said she her orgasm had started when I began fondling her breasts and didn’t end until she passed out.  Neither of us ever would have thought that stimulating her clit was actually keeping her from experiencing the best possible orgasm.  She has since described it as being on a whole different level.  She said that she hadn’t realized that her orgasms had been centered on her clit even though we were having anal sex, and described it as a whole body orgasm, like her entire body was part of it, not just her genitals.

Thank you to whoever suggested “No Diddle December”.  If you are an “anal only” couple who is still stimulating her clit or vagina in some way, I can’t recommend enough at least trying to avoid this for a time and see if you don’t find she can not only orgasm from anal only but have an orgasm on an entirely different plane.

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