Message: Valentine’s Day Success

Anonymous: I was trying to figure out what to get my bf for V-day when I found your post about giving a gift of anal only. We’ve done anal pretty much since we started dating so we both love it and I’ve wanted to go anal only for a while but was kind of too shy to ask him before. Your post gave me the push I needed and after we had dinner and headed to our bedroom I told him to put it in my ass, and as he lubed me up and slipped inside, I told him that I loved him and that my gift to him was a month of just anal, no pussy.

He got very excited, I could feel his cock get even harder inside me, and we fucked really hard and fast until I had cum twice and he had cum deep inside me. When he pulled out, I got up and sucked his cock clean, something we had done occasionally before but not often, but I wanted to get used to doing it often if we were going to only do anal now. It was really sexy to do it because I wanted to do it and he groaned and told me he loved me.

We’re a couple weeks into being anal only now and it’s been everything I hoped for. He keeps telling me how much he’s enjoying it too, so I really hope that after the month we can stay AO for good.

I’m glad to have inspired you to do what’s right for you and what you’ve wanted to do for a long time, and that your boyfriend seems to be enjoying it as much as you! Stick with it, continue exploring it further together, and I’m sure neither of you will ever want to go back to vaginal sex.

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