Message: Want to Train My Ass

Anonymous: You seem to quite knowledgeable in all things involving ass play, hopefully including using butt plugs and training your ass? I have a lot of questions and do not know who to ask. I’ve got a bit of experience in anal, but I want to train my ass to accept a dick more easily. Right now, it’s a slow entrance with lots of lube before we can get to the good stuff. So I’m wondering where do I start, how long to keep it in, and what to use, etc? Thank you.

Anal training in the long term and anal warmup before sex in the short term are both really quite simple in theory. You start with something small and work up in size. When the transition to something larger feels uncomfortable or hurts, you’re not quite ready to go to that size yet and should either go back to the size you were using before or a size in between for a while before trying again.

Train as often as you can and feel up to it. Daily is fine if you’re able to do it, but a few times a week works as well. If you injure yourself at any point by sizing up too quickly, however, take a break from the training for a few days to a week.

You want to have a few different toys, both plugs and dildos of a few different diameters. Don’t bother with anything too small—tiny plugs don’t stay in place, and you can use your fingers to warm up at that size instead, plus you’ll outgrow small things rapidly. Get good quality materials—silicone, glass, stainless steel. Every time you masturbate, have something in your ass at the same time. Wear a butt plug when having other sorts of sex.

As you do this more often, you’ll develop more conscious muscle control and can loosen up “on demand”, as it were, by pushing out as if going to the bathroom while being penetrated. Chances are you already can do this to a certain extent, but the ability increases with training. Not all muscles in the anus are able to be controlled consciously, however, so wear a butt plug for 15 to 30 minutes before having sex and it will also greatly aid penetration with a partner.

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