Message: Best Plugs For Training Ass

Anonymous: What are the best plugs for training your ass for every day use? I’d like to start training my ass but I’m not sure which plugs to purchase. Thank you ❤️ love your blog

There aren’t really any “best” plugs, it all comes down to personal choice and what works best for you. I usually recommend training with fingers first, and once you can fit three fingers fairly easily, upgrading to a plug at that point—otherwise you’ll probably end up getting a plug that’s really small and both won’t stay in place very well and you’ll outgrow pretty quickly. Once you can fit three fingers, consider something in the 1.5″ maximum diameter range.

There are multiple quality options around this size, including but not limited to the Tantus Ryder, Doc Johnson Mood Naughty and the Implicit Creations Core Plug (these are all silicone plugs, but stainless steel and glass options can be very good as well—but they don’t have any give or flexibility to them, obviously, and so can sometimes be harder for beginners to get used to). Jeweled/”Princess” plugs are a popular first plug for a lot of people because they’re visually appealing, but a lot of people find that the round/sharp edged base can get uncomfortable after a while if you’re wearing them long term, and the neck is usually very narrow, so it doesn’t hold open the anal sphincter very much and isn’t as useful as a training plug.

I would avoid the super cheap options outside of silicone, glass or stainless steel. A lot of cheap sex toy materials aren’t very body safe and can smell bad and sometimes even cause a burning skin reaction, so it’s best to go with a good quality material from the start.

Once you have a plug, you may not be able to wear it long term just yet (or you might—everybody’s different). Start by wearing it when you masturbate. Then try keeping it in longer. If it starts to get too uncomfortable to keep in, take it out and try it longer the next time. Try sleeping with it in. The more you practice with it, the longer you’ll be able to comfortably fit it. If you go out with it in, you may want to carry a small bottle of lube with you to reapply if it starts to dry out/get absorbed and you need to add more.

Have fun and enjoy!

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