Message: Using Butt Plug To Help With Anal?

Anonymous: lately i have been having lots of anal sex but always its kinda awkward and painful at the begining so i have been thinking about buying an anal plug, any recommendations on how to pick one or other methods to keep my fuckhole loose?

Butt plugs are great, both for additional play and for training purposes. As with any sex toy, you want to get one that’s a body safe material. Silicone, stainless steel and glass are all good for this. I would generally recommend silicone starting out, but everyone has different preferences. Note that with silicone toys you generally cannot use silicone lube. The Tantus Ryder is a good small/medium plug to start with—about 1.5″ diameter at its maximum—and only about $20. It’s a good shape for longer term wear if that interests you, but it should work well as a warmup before sex as well. Over time you may want a larger plug as well, and there are plenty of different good options out there. Pretty much all Tantus products are great, but there are other good brands as well. Just stay away from the cheaper materials, especially jelly. They can cause adverse skin reactions or worse.

You don’t necessarily want to (and won’t) actually stay loose all the time, the key is training yourself to be able to relax at will, and then going through a warmup process beforehand each time to ensure you’re relaxed and ready for sex. For many, a butt plug worn for 15 to 30 minutes before sex, often during other foreplay, works great for that purpose.

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