Message: Need Reasons to Feel Positive About Going Anal Only

Anonymous: Anon female from 12/12 here. TY for feedback. I only ask as most of the information here is practical stuff, not why men are so motivated. Trying to keep an open mind, as he says being strictly anal will become easier and he keeps saying it will be better for both of us. He also says its normal and many couples are now doing this. It’s true I have strong orgasms with anal, but I’m not so sure yet. Perhaps I could give it a trial run as you suggest. Just need reasons to feel positive.

While it’s certainly not extremely widespread, it is becoming more common—or at least, more people are being open about it—in recent years. The majority do it for mutual advantage: they both get pleasure from it, and may enjoy the kinkiness aspect of being anal only as well. For me personally it is both a physical preference for anal sex and the appeal of the kink of a woman choosing to exclude her vagina from sex and just use her ass and mouth instead. That’s a huge turn on for me, but a major part of that is that it’s what the woman truly wants.

At the beginning, of course, no one knows whether they want it or not, because they haven’t experienced it yet. That’s what the trial periods are for—experimenting and seeing what you think. If you end up liking it, great. If not, you gave it a fair shot and might revisit it again in the future to see if you change your mind, or just decide it’s not for you and move on.

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