Message: Jump In To Anal Only, Or Change Gradually?

Anonymous: I’m trying to get my wife to go anal only. Not only does it look and feel better but being effective birth control will be a good reason for her too. We are about 50/50 right now and if she agrees whats the best way to go about it? Should we work up to replacing her pussy slowy? I’ve seen you recommend weeks/months anal only at a time, but isn’t it better to have a gradual change? While I’m at it I have to say I love this blog and the sister site! Keep it up!

A gradual change is good for working up to the point where someone is open to the idea. Spending a month anal only as a trial period is a good way to dive in and for all involved to see what’s really going to be involved by doing so.

Ultimately it should be up to the both of you. If you both think that working up to it, slowly increasing the frequency of anal and decreasing vaginal over time, will work better for you, by all means give it a shot. Many people have reported success with a full anal only trial period, but it’s not guaranteed to be the best approach for everyone.

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