Message: Dream of Staying a Vaginal Virgin and Having It Sewn Shut

Anonymous: I’m 20 and from a religious family. I’m now away from home at college but still a virgin. Originally I was going to stay virginal until marriage, and then I found this blog (and a couple of similar ones). Now I am thinking about living my whole life as a virgin, and finding a husband who wants an anal-only woman. The thought of it brings such intense emotions, I dream of having my vagina sewn shut and somehow having my hymen thickened so it will never tear. What should I do?

cute-submissive-nyc-universe: Thanks for getting in touch and sharing. While I’m sure many guys would be delighted to meet someone who was anal only and a vagina virgin – and who wanted to remain that way – there are certain experiences that you, as a woman, should experience. And that means vagina sex. If after trying that you would prefer to be anal only, then fine. But I suggest you try everything else first. It could also make your future chastity more profound too. But all best wishes on your life journey.

I’ll offer a related but slightly alternate opinion: if you would like to experience vaginal sex and see what it’s like, then by all means do so. If you would instead like to be anal only and remain a vaginal virgin, that’s fine too. At some point in the future, you might change your mind, and if you then want to try vaginal sex at that point, there’s nothing wrong with that either. None of these is wrong or bad, in my opinion, you just need to figure out what works for you and what you want. And keep yourself open to the possibility that you might change your mind and your desires can evolve in the future, and that’s okay too.

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