Husband wants anal

A woman says:

I’m very open to new things…, but the butthole. My husband however is a butt person. He loves Anal, and would love to have it with me. I however don’t do it, don’t want to do it, don’t want anything in my butt. It’s not like it’s a deal breaker for him, I mean we are married, he knew what he was getting into. But he still brings it up, and still wants to get me to try it.
Should I just go for it, is it really that bad. I know I have all right to say no, however I love making him happy. It just seems dirty to me. Should I go for it or stand my ground?

She has never had anal sex yet she ‘knows’ she doesn’t want it. Does this make any sense? There was a time when she had never had vaginal or oral sex; did she ‘know’ she didn’t want to do those things either?

Despite much of the usual negative comments in the discussion she eventually comes around:

he was in a year long relationship with a girl that absolutely loved it and got him into it. And there nothing wrong with vaginal, I just want to be open to making him happy. He has had to change up some things for me, and I’d like to give him the same

Many women start out with the expectation that they won’t enjoy anal founded on hearsay. And many come to love it.

People owe it to themselves and their partner to try anal sex with an open mind and see for themselves.

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