Message: Making It Clear My Vagina Is Off Limits

Anonymous: I’m in college, and I’m a virgin. The idea of vaginal sex doesn’t appeal to me at all and I’m only turned on by the idea of anal sex. I want to stay a vaginal virgin and make it clear that my vagina is OFF LIMITS. Do you have any suggestions?

The number one approach to this should be communication. This can be tricky with a new partner, however, because while some guys will be totally okay with you wanting anal only, others will be scared off or become uninterested. There are, unfortunately, plenty of guys out there who don’t respect what their partner wants or think that they can convince you over time to want to try vaginal sex after being anal only for a while. (The same thing happens with girls who are vaginal only and have partners who want to try anal.) It’s important to stand anyone who tries to push you to do things you don’t want to do. If you want to be anal only, make it clear and insist that any partners respect your choices.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already, you should start practicing and training your ass with your fingers, dildos and butt plugs. You want to make it so that you can easily get fucked in the ass so it’s a viable alternative to vaginal for a partner. If it’s something you can easily do and make simple and enjoyable, partners may be much more willing to go along with it.

You can also give nonverbal hints by wearing a butt plug when you’re ready to have sex with someone and tell them you only want anal. The sight of your plugged ass might turn them on further and make them more open to the idea.

Tape over your pussy to block access or “ANAL ONLY” written over it are possibilities as well.

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