Why It’s Better to Identify as Anal Only Even Without a Partner

I often talk with women who agree that anal sex is best and would love to go anal only with a partner, but who don’t want to limit guys who might want vaginal as well. This generally relates to a submissive dynamic where they want guys to be able to have whatever they want sexually and getting pleasure and satisfaction from being able to provide that to a man.

However, there’s value in not only taking a stand for one’s own needs and preferences, but also in helping guys come around to the anal only lifestyle too. Many guys have a natural preference for anal sex and would love the idea of being anal only but haven’t really considered the idea yet outside of fantasy, if that. As such, they often worry they’d be judged or rejected if they prioritized anal too much or wanted to exclude vaginal altogether, and generally don’t voice the desire to do so.

Because of that, and because some haven’t even tried or considered the idea yet, even though they’d really like it, it can be valuable, if it’s a goal of your own to be anal only, to voice that to your partners and actually talk about it, and encourage them to go anal only with you and that they don’t need to be obligated to have vaginal sex with you if they’d prefer to just do anal.

And of course, if you feel more strongly about being anal only and vaginal is not an option for you at all, you should be clear about that as well, and make sure new partners know that you’re not open to vaginal sex, only anal.

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